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Politics, they say, is the art of the possible. But the possible is not fixed. What we believe is possible depends on our knowledge and beliefs about the world. Ideas can change the world, and Green House is about challenging the ideas that have created the world we live in now, and offering positive alternatives.

The problems we face are systemic, and so the changes we need to make are complex and interconnected. Many of the critical analyses and policy prescriptions that will be part of the new paradigm are already out there. Our aim is to communicate them more clearly, and more widely.

Green Growth or de-growth?

On 20 March Green House, together with the Green European Foundation and the Belgian think tank Oikos, is holding a panel debate and public discussion on 'Green growth or de-growth?Alternatives to Austerity in Europe' at Europe House in London. Speakers will include experts from southern, eastern and western Europe talking about the differing challenges being mounted in their countries and regions to the neo-liberal economic medicine still being administered to an increasingly rebellious European population.

The event is hosted by Jean Lambert MEP, and will be followed by a networking reception. You can find out more and register here.

The CapGlobalCarbon Initiative

The science is clear: the world is heading for irreversible climate change. It is also evident that the current system of intergovernmental negotiations is failing to deliver the drastic reductions in global emissions of CO2 from fossil fuels needed to avoid this outcome. In a new Green House Gas, John Jopling of the Irish think-tank Feasta argues that the situation calls for non-governmental actors to set up the necessary system of global regulation that governments seemingly cannot deliver. He describes how and why this system would work, including how it would generate funds to contribute to greater international equity, thus making it attractive not only for governments and business interests but for the international social justice movement too. You can download the Gas, and find out more about the CapGlobalCarbon initiative - including how to get involved - on our gases page.

The Post-Growth Project

The event in London on 20 March (see above) is part of Green House's 'Post-Growth Project', which has been the main focus of our work over the last two years. Molly Scott Cato has written an article on the project and the resulting book for the Green European Journal: see here.

You can also order this book, and order or download all of our Reports, Responses and Gases, from the Publications pages of this website, or find out who is involved on the Green House People page. Please also see who is supporting us on the page about our Advisory Group or check out our influences at Find Out More.

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Coming Up:

On 19 March, Green House's Jonathan Essex and Ray Cunningham will be speaking about 'Britain in a post-growth world' at the University of Sussex, as part of the University’s ‘One World Week’. The event is free to attend, and the details can be found here.

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