A guide to engaging aviation workers and trade unions

A guide to engaging aviation workers and trade unions

You want to win a campaign to reduce aviation or counter airport expansion? Then you‘ll need to have a good plan to counter one of the main industry arguments: jobs. This guide will help you to connect with aviation workers and the trade unions that represent them — to build mutual support and advance a just transition in the sector.

The guide, published in January 2022, is a collaboration with Stay Grounded and the Green European Foundation, and was informed by a series of interviews conducted by Green House with trade unionists.

It builds on the landmark paper, 'A Rapid and Just Transition of Aviation' published by Stay Grounded and PCS trade union in January 2020. This set out how long-term security for workers and affected communities can be guaranteed without returning to business as before. It was the result of a collective writing process by people active in the climate justice movement, workers in the aviation sector, trade unionists, indigenous communities and academics from around the world.

Image with airport workers protesting outside airport

The report is also avalible on the Stay Grounded website.