Image of EU remain protesters in London
Photo by Franz Wender / Unsplash


Andrew Pearmain's gas and Polemic against Brexit, the state of the nation and the biggest challenges we need to address.

The big question around Brexit for Pearmain is "how to help the British people come to terms with our country's historic decline and start to build institutions, politics and popular mentalities suited to the modern world, perhaps even at long last feel properly European. There will be no shortage of 'facts' to publicise in support of this historic project, as the various chlorine-washed chickens of isolationism, xenophobia, technological and educational backwardness come home to roost. The risk is that the befuddled British people will continue to blame others – the EU, immigrants, left-wing judges, big-eyed bugs from Venus - for their self-inflicted misfortunes"

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