Evidence to DEFRA consultation on Environmental Principles and Governance after EU Exit

Victor Anderson's submission to the government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs consultation document  ‘Environmental Principles and Governance After the United Kingdom Leaves the European Union'

This consultation aimed to gather evidence on

  • How environmental principles should be embedded into law, public policy-making and delivery
  • What functions and powers the new environmental watchdog should have to oversee environmental law and policy.

Anderson's submission suggested

  • That the EU Environmental Principles continue to apply in the UK in the long term
  • Ensuring environmental principles are applied to infrastructure development, transport policy, energy policy, climate change, trade agreements, macroeconomic management and tax reform, and not simply to a narrowly-defined environmental “silo”.
  • A new body should give advice to government about compliance with international environmental agreements.

The consultation document can be found here.