Reports published by Green House Think Tank. These tend to be more substantial publication than Gases, and contain specific policy recommendations.

Jonathan Essex

Rethinking Energy Demand

Framing Report published in collaboration with Green European Foundation - If industrialised European societies are to reach zero carbon on a timescale compatible with limiting climate change, they must significantly reduce their energy demand. This will disrupt business-as-usual.

Max Farmiloe

Mineral extraction and the world’s self-deception

Regulation is essential to ensure global mineral extraction is politically and environmentally sustainable.. It This report argues that the only way to reduce the damage caused by mineral extraction is stronger regulation.

Green House Think Tank

Greening Hydrogen - Big issues around a small molecule

This report is part of a project led by the Green European Foundation exploring what a climate emergency economy would look like through a rethinking of trade, industry and infrastructure investment.

Peter Sims

Global Public Investment requirements for Zero Carbon

Sufficient and appropriately directed global public investment is critical to shift our economies globally to zero carbon. Currently such investment is inadequate, and still funds infrastructure expansion which increases dependance of fossil fuel reliant.

Peter Sims

Transport Investment: The Zero Carbon Challenge​​

Our current targets to phase out fossil fuels is insufficient. Investment drives increases in hard to decarbonise transport infrastructure. Only by shifting our investment priorities in these terms will it be possible to meet the target of keeping global warming within the 1.5°C

Peter Sims

The Social and Environmental Requirements of a Climate Emergency Economy

Our economy is not currently zero carbon, stable or sustainable, even in economic terms. What interventions are required to deliver the rapid transition required? What must these interventions achieve and how should these requirements be defined?

Jonathan Essex

The Potential for Green Jobs in Cumbria

report looks at the implications of a transition to net zero carbon by 2037 - a target date adopted by the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership. There could, on average, be 9,000 additional jobs, mostly in renewable electricity generation but also in transport, industry and waste management.

Peter Sims

A proposal for restricting manipulative advertising in public spaces

This report, published by Green House think tank, argues that manipulative advertising should be restricted, enabling citizens to opt-in rather than having to opt-out of subliminal commercial messaging.

Anne Chapman

A Just Transition in Agriculture

The agriculture industry has transformed in the last 70 years. Agriculture needs a just transition as much as coal mining communities do, but whereas there is no future for coal mines in a zero-carbon world, there has to be a future for agriculture.

Peter Sims

Infrastructure Requirements for Zero Carbon

This report focuses on the freight transportation, aviation and steel sectors, which, combined with cement and plastic production. To ensure Sufficient Action is being taken, our society must target the rates of change required for a rapid transition to zero carbon.

Jonathan Essex

A Green New Deal for Gatwick

Many job opportunities near Gatwick are at the airport or in associated sectors. Covid-19 brought an almost complete cessation of flying, with a slow regrowth likely to take years to return to prior levels. Contemplation of a different future for workers across the Gatwick region has become urgent

Peter Sims

Trade and Investment Requirements for Zero Carbon

This report proposes a much-needed toolkit to help policy makers face up to climate reality and address the wider environmental impacts and the imbalances of power and wealth that underlie our global trade